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Create Custom Video Applications with the Kaltura API – Pink TV’s Automatic Video Pages

If you have a development team within your organization, using an API to create the basis of your video solution can be incredibly powerful. The flexibility of an open source API can empower your team to build custom-made video solutions to wow your audience.

So I hear you ask…”what’s an API”?! 
API stands for “Application Programming Interface”. Don’t turn away yet, it’s easier than you think! An API is a specification intended to be used as an interface by software components to communicate with each other. If you have access to an open API, it means that you can take pieces of code from software (in our case, Kaltura) and use them to build your own software application. An open API means that you can take any code at all to use.
Why would I use an API rather than buying a software product?
You may have a developer in your company that can build a custom solution or you may have a specific technical requirement to integrate with your existing technology. With Kaltura, you can use the API to pull in your videos, add in a webcam recording widget, build a custom player…the options are endless. The difference between the Kaltura API and other providers is that the entire Kaltura API is available to you: all of the technology that we have spent years building and refining is open for you to use. We hold nothing back – if you have the team, we have the technology for you to build any part of Kaltura into your ideal solution.
So what can I build using the Kaltura API?
We have a great example of how the Kaltura API can be used to build an incredible solution. Pink TV is a part of Pink Media Group that has multiple subsidiaries including film (movie) studios, three terrestrial broadcasting companies: Primary one in Serbia – TV Pink, followed by Bosnia and Herzegovina – Pink BH, Montenegro – Pink M and Slovenia – Pink Si. In addition to terrestrial television stations, there is a satellite television station plus two satellite channels Pink Plus and Pink Extra.

“Before contacting Kaltura, I had investigated your technology and business strategy and was impressed by the Open Source approach combined with the fact that I could at any point put few servers up and move the complete solution to our own enterprise”, says Miroslav Vujičić, Pink TV’s developer and consultant.

Pink TV required video for external, customer-facing websites. Their solution is built on the Kaltura KMC (Kaltura Management Console) and the Kaltura API. Together, they form a base for automatic creation of video pages and feeds for every page on the website.

“Following the initial call, I felt that my instinct had been correct. All of our requirements could be met by the Kaltura solution and I was confident that we could launch a successful project with the open API and technology that Kaltura provided”, says Vujičić. “The focus areas that finalized our decision to use Kaltura are that they understood the whole concept of our business plan, plus you had the complete solution, optimized packages, modularity and flexibility for all of our requirements”, says Vujičić.

One of the challenges faced included how to upload video and moderation of video submissions. To meet these requirements, Pink TV use the Kaltura KMC, Krecord (a Kaltura widget to enable users to upload videos from a webcam), the Kaltura player and the Kaltura API v3.

Per Vujičić, “The first attraction to Kaltura was their open source approach and all of the blogs that I read supported this. A great service, excellent technology and a truly professional service throughout have made our experience of working with Kaltura a truly successful one”.

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