A Conversation on Using Video in Education

Video is fast becoming indispensable in the education world. Having proven itself useful in self-based learning at universities everywhere video has become a staple used in online courses, tutorial podcasts, and even as a method of student assessment. Working with video presents students and staff with creative learning and teaching opportunities.
However, as video continues expanding into education, students and faculty are creating their own videos to assist learning both on- and off- campus, and so the demand for a platform to control these media increases day by day.

Without strategy or direction, [different video platforms] get kind of embedded but not officially supported and we wanted to get people away from things we couldn’t support.”

This creates an unsustainable video ecosystem. An institution’s power to assess overall engagement becomes limited and the benefits of video quickly become lost among technical issues.
Kaltura’s Justin Beck meets with Mike Hughes and Morris Pamplin of City University London to discuss how they have been able to combat and dispel these issues by using Kaltura. Mike and Morris answer questions on the benefits of having a reliable video platform on hand 24/7, which is available on any device, as well as giving tips on how first-time users can integrate Kaltura into their institution.
Listen to the complete recording below and let us know if you face similar problems.

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