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Learning From the Best – How to Win Your Viewers’ Hearts With Cloud TV Data

Patricia Corral Alava
Updated May 20 2021
The importance of Cloud TV data - Viewers browsing through content recommendations in their Cloud TV platform
Patricia Corral Alava
Updated May 20 2021

In one of the industry’s most intriguing recent announcements that has attracted much attention, Netflix presented its new shuffle play feature or, as the company calls it, the ‘Play something’ button. Because, as Netflix itself points out, there are times when we just do not want to make decisions, and that’s where this new functionality comes in to help viewers find their next favorite content. 


Sounds familiar, right? You sit down on the sofa to wind down from another day at work and suddenly, you find yourself spending more time on deciding what to watch than actually watching anything. This scenario, which many of us can easily identify with, does not respond to isolated attitudes or behaviors. In fact, it is one of the most important challenges that service providers are facing right now.


How Can You Help Your Viewers “Play Something”?  

When your business strategy is all about creating a rich content library, the frustration that your audience may experience by their inability to quickly find new content can be huge (we will soon release a new research report on this. Stay tuned!). Yet, this might be the situation faced today by super aggregators. Essentially, these players decided to invest in leveraging their strengths, such as audience reach and distribution network, to bring all their favorite TV series, films, and programs together under a single platform.  


Here is where a data-driven business approach for improving content discovery can become a unique proposition to differentiate telecommunication companies and pay TV operators from other TV service providers – and even compete against the biggest media conglomerates in this starting-to-be saturated market. 


‘Data is everything’, says George Held, Chief Digital Officer at Beeline Russia, one of the biggest telecommunication companies in the country. ‘Being a telecommunications company, you know where people live, where they travel to, what they watch on the internet, where they spend money… Based on all the data you have from your users, you can produce very elegant content recommendations and clear the world from what we call the “information” pollution. […] You see where the customers are online and you can target and offer them to consume content, it is very unintrusive’ he adds. 


Indeed, by focusing on the amazing pool of data and information they have, these companies can achieve what many still see as a kind of magic trick: showing the right type of content to the right audience, at the right time, and on the right device. By capitalizing on the data at their disposal, processing it, and leveraging smart Cloud TV services, they can deliver the right experiences to each relevant audience. They also mitigate content fatigue and retain potential churners. It is no longer a secret thatdata is the ‘new oil driving TV’.   


Offering Added Value to Your Viewers

We have seen so far that super aggregation is a smart and safe bet for telecommunication companies and pay TV operators to find their place in this crowded market. However, it also needs to be backed up by a good data-driven Cloud TV platform to help them create a unique value proposition for viewers. Content recommendation is, for instance, a crucial feature that would be unfeasible to deliver if it were not supported by good data analysis. However, there are many more successful applications where we can leverage the power of data. 


In this sense, George Held also recommends considering other interesting ways of using data. For instance, Beeline created targeted content bundles for their consumers (Kids, Movies and Series, Sports, and Family) based on the main groups of viewers they identified with similar content consumption patterns and interests.  Likewise, they decided to enhance these bundles even more by offering them through diverse promotions and business models (AVOD, from 2 to 12-month content SVODs, coupons, try & buy, etc.). And what’s more, they relied on targeted advertising to recommend new content to users right when they most likely feel like watching it, based on their viewing habits and behavioral patterns.   


Data, Targeted Content, and Experimentation

The results of this data-driven business strategy have been simply amazing in the case of Beeline Russia. Over 350 live TV channels and 60K+ VOD titles offered in a hyper-personalized way. Five different screens to watch across, securing a viewer retention rate that has tripled since the service’s launch. And last but not least, a 40% increase in revenue.


I know what you’re thinking… All of this, by just relying on data? The short answer is yes, but there is of course more to it! We could sum it up in three simple words: data, targeted content and experimentation. Because when it comes to creating the perfect targeted offering for each audience, we constantly need to test new features and offerings that could truly make viewers fall in love with our service. 


In future blogs, we will address each of these points in more detail and share with you the keys to success that can improve super aggregators’ value proposition. But for now, we recommend you check out the fantastic webinar that got us here to deep dive into the subject: Boosting Subscriber Growth with Disruptive Cloud TV Offering. It is an exclusive interview with George Held from Beeline where he shared the most important lessons learned from carrying out Beeline’s super aggregation strategy thanks to the successful deployment of the Kaltura TV Platform 


Time to grab a coffee now and discover how to deliver tailored experiences to win your consumers’ hearts based on data! Remember that to stay in the game, it’s all about keeping it simple and easy for your audience.

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