Changing Employee Behavior through Video

How video is great for changing employee behavior

One of the hardest challenges for a business is trying to make a widespread change in employee behavior. The key? Video. Delivering information in a more engaging, easily absorbed format helps makes it more likely that the information will sink in. It spurs people to action far more effectively (and cost-effectively) than most other methods. By using video to accelerate change, companies are creating dramatic, measurable results.

How Do You Make Videos Changing Employee Behavior?

Creating videos that change behavior requires considering every aspect of the video, from deciding on the right focus, to delivering the video in the most effective way, to monitoring the results.

  1. Identify areas where the video can have the greatest impact. Choose specific behaviors to change, not just a general wish. “Get everyone to wear their safety helmets” or “Always wait for the PR to be approved before buying something” is easier to target than “Increase safety” or “Support purchasing guidelines”.
  2. Translate behaviors into the right storytelling format. Make sure your video’s “plot” actually focuses on the behavior you want to influence.
  3. Spread the videos. Get the right platform so your employees can find and watch the videos in the environment they normally work in.
  4. Involve employees. Don’t just send and forget. Get bosses  to discuss with their employees, include quizzes, offer prizes for engagement. Have a plan for follow-up.
  5. Once you see the right behaviors, reinforce them. Use both more videos and non-video means to nourish any signs of improvement.
  6. Measure the effect to tell whether you’re adding value. If you’ve chosen your goals wisely it’s easy to measure the difference.

Changing employee behavior is not easy. But people respond to the storytelling format and emotional appeal of video far more than to lists of rules or earnest pleas. Take advantage of our natural interest in story, sight, sound, and motion by using the medium that combines these all — that is, video — to reach employees where they are… and get them to where you want them to go.
Want to see an example? Read the case study “IMG_Play and Kaltura: Changing Employee Behavior with Video.”

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