CE 3 With Amazon CloudFront CDN in Just a Few Easy Steps

Kaltura has long supported origin-pull content delivery networks (CDNs) in our self-hosted editions. Without a content delivery network, your video platform simply can’t reach your users where ever they may be in the world.
Now that Amazon’s CloudFront has recently added support for custom origins, it’s particularly easy to add a CDN to any Community Edition or On-Prem Kaltura installation. And it’s especially convenient to add a CDN to a Kaltura EC2 instance which can be managed using the AWS Management Console.

You can create CloudFront distributions with custom origins using any of the 3rd party tools mentioned in the Amazon blog post.
After you’ve created the distribution, simply go to your Kaltura Admin Console and bring up the “Publisher Specific Configuration” dialog box (in your list of Publishers, select “Configure” from the “Actions” drop-down menu next to the publisher you want to enable for CloudFront) and enter the CloudFront domain name.
For a complete list of instructions, see our CloudFront guide.
Let us know how it worked for you.
By the way, using this method, you can add any origin pull CDN, such as, Cachefly, Softlayer, and Akamai.

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