Case Study: Using Virtual Classrooms for Learning and Development

Rebecca Rozakis
Updated April 9 2020
creating a live virtual classroom for learning and development
Rebecca Rozakis
Updated April 9 2020

Live, face-to-face classrooms can be the most effective way to learn some kinds of material. But for many companies, trying to gather enough employees from across the country or around the world in one physical location is impractical. Thomson Reuters provides classes to their clients, and wanted an immersive, interactive experience that was completely virtual. See how they used Kaltura Virtual Classrooms to engage learners remotely.



What I like about Kaltura is the people. The other thing is just the crazy amount of solutions you have in one place. So the innovative spirit at Kaltura meshes with the innovative spirit that I feel I have.


I work in the learning division. We produce e-Learning video courses, group learning courses for CPE and CLE. So CPE for accountants and CLE for lawyers.


Our Meeting Solution [ed. note: also known as Kaltura Virtual Classroom] – we use that for sort of a many-to-many and more interactive solution. We’re using it for just a wide variety of things, product training, outside external users, internal training; so just a wide variety of learning solutions.


Kaltura was unique in the way that they had just a little bit of everything. It has chat, cloud-based video hosting, presenter. You can have many presenters. You can upload various different formats – Word, Excel, PPT documents, jpgs, you know, graphics, and you can whiteboard on those as well. So you can draw, you can annotate, you can use text, you can highlight. And so it really provides a larger interactive solution and so really brings the learners more interactivity.


So with Meeting Solution, it really provides a greater opportunity to have that sort of high level of interaction with the learner and really brings home just a more robust learning experience. It also provides a way for us to take pieces of those learning modules that we did and use them as thought leadership or post them to social media. Also we can take those pieces and send them via sales. But it’s all hosted in once place, in a digital asset management system that we can go do search and find and we – so we host it, we send it, and we curate it all in the same place.


It’s really, really completely changed the way we view learning.


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