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What Cable Execs are Saying About HBO Going OTT?

A bit more than a week has passed since HBO dropped a mini-boom, about HBOGO being offered to non-cable subscribers as of 2015. I write “mini” because HBO didn’t reveal anything about the service. So it’s hard to evaluate how it could change the current paid TV landscape.
Today was an opportunity to get the perspective of the cable operators. Joan Gillman is EVP & COO at Time Warner Cable Media, which was acquired by Comcast (pending the FCC approval). Gillman, who spoke at the Media Tech Summit in NYC, made a very calculated comment. She congratulated HBO for being “innovative” but also made the pitch why cable providers are still valuable to consumers.
Expect to hear much more of that value proposition in the coming months, as companies like Univision will launch OTT services. See here:

If you are interested in reading more about why HBO decided to go direct to consumer and why now, see my article published on BroadcastBeat a few days ago.

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