How Are Businesses Really Using Webcasting?

Webcasting survey on how companies use webcasting

Webcasting has become a major trend in corporate communications, both internal and external. As video assumes a leading role in our everyday communication, using live video to get a message out has become less of a gimmick and more of a routine.
But how are companies actually using webcasting in their day-to-day business?
we.CONECT took a survey as part of their Reloaded events, revealing how companies around the world are approaching webcasting. Which department is responsible for running the webcast? What are some of the challenges still to be overcome? This webcasting survey dives into some of the key trends and challenges facing businesses around webcasting.
Take a look at some of the results!

Webcasting Survey – Trends and Challenges

Are more people watching webcasting live or on VOD?
It’s not surprising that the majority of people watch webcasts live – much of the appeal of webcasting is the immediacy and timeliness of a live broadcast. But this webcasting survey reveals that 21% actually watch the webcast on-demand, which is a substantial minority. It looks like making sure VOD material is attractive and easy to find is a major component of a successful webcasting program.
Which department is in charge of webcasting?IT is one of the obvious owners for a company’s webcasting solution. But Communications is also a major player, and Marketing and HR sometimes have their own solutions.
What are the biggest problems with webcastsing?
The greatest challenge facing most companies who want to do webcasts today is users having trouble connecting and viewing the broadcast. Bandwidth savers like eCDN can make a big difference here. This is also important for avoiding slowing down the corporate network, another big concern. Many also find it too expensive to do the number of webcasts they’d like to do.
Want to plan your own company’s webcasting strategy? Getting a look at some of the trends and challenges real businesses are facing is key.

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