Building a Better Interactive Customer Experience During Coronavirus

Rebecca Rozakis
Updated July 23 2020
behind the scenes of SAP's customer experience video
Rebecca Rozakis
Updated July 23 2020

It’s possible to have too much of a good thing.


The SAP CX Enablement team had tons of great customer enablement materials. But it wasn’t always easy for their customers to find what they were looking for.


That’s why they decided to decided to leverage Kaltura VPaaS (Video-Platform-as-a-Service) to build the SAP CX Enablement Portal, bringing together all the content in one, easy-to-navigate place. But they still needed a user-friendly, eye-catching way to introduce customers to the new portal.


The plan was to create an interactive video to introduce users to the wealth of content they had to offer. But then things got complicated.


Interactivity in the Time of Coronavirus


Instead of filming with a full crew, the team had to rebuild the content blocks for their interactive video to be shot by a single team member in his home.


Watch this video for a behind-the-scenes take on creating interactive content while in lockdown.

Interactivity Makes for a Better Customer Experience


How did it work out?


“We saw it as an elegant and more entertaining way to use the interactive format,” says Nicholas Wood, Knowledge Consultant – Video Specialist, SAP Customer Experience. As viewers chose the topics that they’re interested in, those choices then guide them to further microlearning videos, trainings, product documentation, and expert articles.


“We really like the playfulness of this format. The whole gamification aspect is something we never had in our offering,” says Lena Zilli, Knowledge Consultant – Platform Specialist, SAP Customer Experience. “It enables us to get a better understanding of where people actually click.”

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