Better Learning with Video

At Kaltura Connect, leaders from education, enterprise, and media shared some key insights on how to use video more effectively.
In this video, join Century21’s David Birnbaum to discover how online video learning can help increase revenue.
Online video learning and business development is becoming increasingly popular in enterprises. Mobile support, realistic simulations, increased productivity and engagement, as well as cuts in travel cost are among the key reasons to develop robust online video. With the many possible paths to execution – how do you come up with a successful solution leveraging streaming video that will be adopted by your target audience?
Learn how CENTURY 21 Real Estate leverages video to support enhanced performance of its independent sales associates. Should corporate universities develop custom video or purchase off the shelf catalogs? What additional skillsets are needed on your Learning Team to embrace video? How do you successfully encourage collaboration with UGC? Should video stand alone or/and blend into other traditional teaching methods? Should training videos get housed in your LMS, your corporate intranet or some other platform behind your firewall? The Vice President of Century 21 University Real Estate, David J. Birnbaum, will answer these questions based on 5 years of leveraging streaming video to help increase revenue.

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