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Best Practices Guide to Video Analytics (Video)

The science of analytics is a little like biology. Looking at plants grow in a lab could be time consuming, boring and unrewarding. However, if you conduct experiments like tweaking the lights, changing the temperatures or playing loud Rolling Stones songs – you could learn a great deal. All it takes is patience and imagination.
The same applies to analytics. Following graphs on a daily (or even weekly) basis will do very little: you will know how many viewers you have but it won’t necessarily help grow the customer base.
If you are looking for some ideas on how to better understand and use analytics, take a look at this conversation we had with Girish Bettadpur, Sr. Product Manager at Akamai, during Kaltura’s DevConnect conference last month.

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Here are some of the issues we discussed:
– How to think about video analytics.
– How often to check your site’s analytics.
– How to make sure your online video strategy is working (players look & feel, bumper videos etc.).
– The future of online media and analytics: the rise of connected devices, new ways to test engagement, mining data and utilizing the metrics to increase customer satisfaction.
For further reading, take a look at this fascinating case study  from Barack Obama’s 2008 campaign and this guide from our friends at ReelSEO.

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