Best-practices for using JavaScript to embed KDP

This post and related html file below is targeted at website integrators and web application developers who work with KDP3 (Kaltura’s Flash based Media Player).
Its primary purpose is to teach you Kaltura’s best-practices for embedding the Kaltura Player on web pages using JavaScript (as opposed to html-only embed).
The ready to use html page referenced below is heavily commented and shows how to:

  1. Include Flash detection and Flash version detection with automatic update using expressinstall.swf served from Kaltura’s CDN
  2. Implement an html-based gallery/ playlist that works with the KDP’s JavaScript API and includes an auto-continue option
  3. Make the videos on your site bookmarkable
  4. Use the page as a landing page for search engine results for any video (a strongly recommended related read: Kaltura and Video SEO)

This post is part of two larger-scope documents which will be published shortly: KDP Inetgration Guide and The KDP Cookbook.
Click here for a live example (view-source to see the code).
Click here to download the page.

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