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Be A Kaltura Partner On The Exchange

The Kaltura Application Exchange is a relatively recent addition to the family of Kaltura websites, and it’s the place where we hope to showcase publishers, developers, technology companies and service providers who have integrated video applications and services with the Kaltura platform.
As an essential part of both our open source and commercial ecosystems, Kaltura partners get two immediate benefits by being listed on the Exchange.  First, they are a visible part of the Kaltura ecosystem with their brand and technology next to ours. Besides this visibility and SEO, our customers can see what value partners add to the platform, and our salespeople are able to refer new and existing customers to the partners.
A second benefit is our referral agreement, where listed partners who have who have chosen to sign the agreement get a sales commission for any business deals they bring to Kaltura.
Finally, the Exchange is where developers who have created assets like skins for the Kaltura Dynamic Player can show off (and eventually sell) their product.
A payment gateway is just one of many new features we’re launching on the Exchange in the coming months.

Let’s Get Going