Basics of Filmmaking: The Shot

Basic techniques of filmmaking

A few years ago, Kaltura employee David Kronmiller put together some very entertaining videos on the basics of filmmaking and working with a camera. And you know what? They’re still relevant! We’re running a series of these fun videos to show you some of the ways you can spice up your videos.

When we launched I Went To Film School So you Don’t Have To! our intent was to show that it didn’t matter the camera or equipment you had, just the story you were trying to tell. It’s easy to make good looking content with a high end camera and a professional lighting kit or a $200 million budget – it’s much more challenging to try to work with what you have and still make it look and sound good and for your communication to be clearly received.
We produced the series using consumer level equipment from our cameras to our sound and lights. It was all things you could buy at your local Best Buy or even a pharmacy’s Audio/Video section so that the making of the series matched the expectation of the audience’s experience.
We also did a full 22 minute show that highlighted one technique or concept, then showed a short fun film that illustrated that concept. Our first episode of The Show was called The Shot and focused on different shot types from Close Ups to Long Shots and how to use them and also included interviews with working filmmakers, like Joe Nussbaum who at the time was known for his Disney feature film Prom but has since gone on to Executive Produce and Director Amazon’s original series “Just Add Magic”. We also interviewed Anthony Farrell, who got his start as a writer on The Office and at the time of the interview he had just started working on the Nickelodeon Series The Thundermans as one of it’s head writers. He’s still working with the Thundermans but also just won a BAFTA for his acclaimed interactive series for the BBC, “The Secret Life of Boys”.
Here’s the first Episode of The Show!

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