Automating the Migration of Content From FeedBurner Feeds to Kaltura (XML Bulk Upload and PHP)

In the past, we have discussed how to use both CSV and XML bulk upload options and their respective advantages. For Kaltura, XML is the preferred method so it is the one we are going to address. Our Director of Community and Developer Relations, Zohar Babin, needing some good content fast, wrote a script to generate a Kaltura XML Bulk upload of all talks from their latest feed. The script provides a much more simplified approach to upload content to the KMC. It works by taking your feed from FeedBurner and generating the code into the preferred Kaltura schema: importing videos, thumbnails, descriptions, categories, and tags. This allows you to upload content without going through the meticulous labor of individually  creating new entries and uploads.

Check out the script below!


Here are the recommended steps to use it:

1. Download Zend framework from: (minimal)

2. Copy the Zend folder (under library) to the same folder of latesttedtalksimport.php.

3. Open command-line and run:

a. php latesttedtalksimport.php > importfromted.xml

4. Login to the KMC, submit importfromted.xml to the XML Bulk Upload.

It is important to note that this is just one small use case of the script. By making a few simple changes to the script, you can use the code for any feed, not just talks. Hopefully, this will save you a good chunk of time that you can dedicate to other activities (like reading this blog). For more information visit the knowledge center, post in the forums, comment below, and check back on the blog. Also, if you try it out, let us know how it goes!

Let's Get Going

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