Automate Content Ingestion Using Drop Folders – Part II (XML)

In Part I of this blog post we described the various configuration options for the Drop Folder functionality and presented a video tutorial on how to utilize option 2a; using Drop Folders to automatically ingest pre-transcoded flavors into an existing entry in the KMC. In this post we elaborate on option 2b; using a Kaltura MRSS-formatted XML file to automate an ingestion process that creates or updates media entries in Kaltura, while populating entries’ metadata fields from the XML.
The XML file may include metadata information for multiple media items and reference media files related to each item (which can reside within the drop folder itself or on a remote location). Within the XML it is possible to define a complete content package including the video source file, its metadata, its custom metadata, add a set of existing already transcoded video flavors, indicate the transcoding profile, add thumbnails and much more. All that the Entry object  holds can be defined using the XML.
To use this functionality, simply place an XML file in the drop folder (which needs to be pre-configured to seek XML files as opposed to media files). An automatic ingestion process is triggered that creates or updates media entries in Kaltura while populating the metadata fields of the entries from the XML. The ingestion process also automatically uploads, imports or links the media files referenced in the XML and adds the media files to each related entry.
For the less technical savvy users, who are less familiar with XML, in a following post we will share a simpler web-form where users can enter metadata and automatically generate the XML file.
A potential use-case: a high school teacher who does not have access to the KMC wants to upload a large video file of his 1-hour lecture on The Beetles. He also wants to add a title, description, custom metadata such as “Beetles Type” and associated PDF/PPT files. He’ll be able to use the utility above to generate the XML file with the metadata and place it in the drop folder that was pre-configured for the faculty by the school administrator. Once the video has been dropped to the folder, the Drop Folders process will ingest the lecture and the metadata into Kaltura where the administrator will make this content available to students on the LMS or other Students’ portal such as Kaltura MediaSpace.
An example of such XML file and on Bulk Upload can be found here.

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