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Announcing: San Francisco Based Kaltura Meetup Group

We’re excited to share the news about the new San Francisco based Kaltura Group!
Find more details in the invitation below.

Dear West Coast Kalturians,
My name is Steve Corey and we will be having the first of many meetup events at the Kaltura San Francisco headquarters. There is no better melting pot of technical vision and development prowess than the Bay Area. The purpose of this meetup is to share information, showcase technical aspects of the Kaltura platform and network with the San Francisco Kaltura community.
We all use Kaltura as part of our solutions and there is a lot of creativity in the use of the product. Sharing ideas can greatly enhance strategy around the use of video within the enterprise, applications and websites. My background is in the use of video in the medical setting and it is very useful to understand how this medium is deployed in other industries. I am sure this cross pollination of ideas will benefit your vision and solutions.
The first session is on Thursday October 20th. We will open the doors around 6-6:30pm aiming to start the meeting around 7pm. Please RSVP to let us know you’re coming and stay updated about news and updates.
Steve Corey

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