Keeping It Classy

Thanks, Panopto!

At Kaltura, we strive to be a great steward in the educational, media, and enterprise markets, living values that are centered around openness, flexibility, reliability, and innovation. While many companies and organizations claim such objectives, it’s difficult to execute flawlessly in all aspects of servicing such a dynamic market. We love competition in the space – it forces us to respond, drives the market forward, and ultimately improves products and services for clients and partners. For example, prior their exit from the market, we had a great competition over some basic media provider needs with Mediacore  that was marked by friendly, respectful market-driving pushes on one another.
Another player in the video space that is fighting for relevance has been nipping at our heels for some time, declaring our products, company and community target #1 in their fight to be competitive. We ourselves take great pride in being humble, highlighting our successes but learning and improving from our failures. For years, we have seen ads, jabs, low blows, and public attacks toward our clients come across the web. We’ve laughed, not arrogantly, but at least a chuckle at how much focus they’ve paid to Kaltura instead of their own clients. We’ve chosen to take imitation as the sincerest compliment. If another organization pays that much attention to what we are doing, we figured we must be doing something right.
In the spirit of good fun – and nothing more – we created this video in response to a recent campaign that a company that shall remain nameless sent to some of our clients and partners. It’s an election year in the US; a little good-hearted mud-slinging seemed in the spirit of things and made for a fun night in the office. We hope you enjoy.
To be fair, some of the points in their attack are valid. Like many growth-focused companies, we had our share of challenges with support demands, cycles of releases, product, and processes… no organization is flawless, particularly ones that are adding upwards of 250 new clients often. While so many things go right, we learn from mistakes and rapidly plow forward.
Our pledge to our clients and partners is your data is always yours, we will give it to you at any point in time; just ask. Our agreements clearly state as such and all clients can, on any day, get their videos and media assets in any form they like. We are honored to partner with thousands of the world’s leading organizations, media companies, and education institutions to meet so many consumer and user experiential needs around video.

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