Advice to CIOs: When you’re introducing new tech, focus on the middle

Those with the responsibility of integrating new technologies into their organization face a similar challenge: How will this technology be adopted and increase productivity in the office? Managing this process can be a difficult task. Often the decision makers are being pulled in two completely different directions. At one end are the Techies–the Innovators–and at the other end are the Laggards–the late minority. This graph does a good job illustrating the point.
Technology adoption curve in an organization
Kaltura’s VP of Education, Justin Beck, had the opportunity to sit down with a CIO at the center of this struggle and listen to her observations. She had two major points:

  1. The most vocal groups will lead you astray
  2. Focus on the middle to have the greatest impact on your workforce

Read Justin’s insights in detail here on VentureBeat.

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