A Video Solution for Government Agencies

Sean McMann
Updated July 25 2019
video for government agencies
Sean McMann
Updated July 25 2019

Video used to be a utility for most Federal agencies. Today, it’s an agency imperative.

Agency leadership recognizes the importance of using video to communicate live or on demand to agency personnel and external stakeholders alike. But many agencies are running on antiquated systems that either don’t scale or don’t provide the rich features and functionality required today. Others have discovered that features, functionality and support from their current vendor no longer meet their demands. Enter Kaltura, the leading enterprise video solution. Today, Kaltura powers the video communication and video learning initiatives for the largest commercial brands, most recognized universities and most demanding Federal government agencies. What does a video platform for government agencies offer?


Kaltura provides the most intuitive, secure, and feature-rich live Webcasting solution available to the Federal Government today. Kaltura Webcasts are easily scheduled and managed and support live questions from the audience, live polling of the audience, self-serve webcasting, support for multiple presenters, and more. Of course, our solution also provides you intuitive monitoring dashboards so you can be assured of stream health and also automatically converts and publishes your live event—fully automating your post-event workflows. Our webcasting solution also supports Video Teleconferencing Integration, so you can extract added value from your previous investments in VTC.


Kaltura provides incredible tools for content creation. In addition to our Webcasting application, we include Kaltura Personal Capture which allows for webcam recordings, video-driven PowerPoint creation, screen recording with narration, even for the creation of podcasts.


A powerful proxy editor is part of our package. Trim, Clip, add video HotSpots, or create Online Video Quizzes without ever having to rely on a third party application.


The Kaltura MediaSpace portal provides your agency with a secure, privately branded alternative to YouTubeTM. The portal is fully customizable to match your existing agency web environment and branding. It’s also responsive, adjusting automatically to desktop and mobile devices. The MediaSpace portal is generally integrated with your Single Sign On solution, but can also support anonymous viewing.


Kaltura supports some of the most security conscious customers in the world. Our solution provides multiple layers of security, from roles-based access to IP Whitelisting/Blacklisting, to Geo-Blocking, to Token-based access. Be assured, there is no more secure cloud environment for your video content.


Live webcasts are automatically published to the same URL where the live event took place. No need for cumbersome post-event workflows. Provide various levels of authority to different personnel to restrict their access to only the tasks they need to complete. “Upload Only”, “Moderator”, “Analytics Only” are just a few of your choices. Of course, you can easily access and use embed codes to publish to any other agency website as well.


As your library expands, deep search functionality is required. And Kaltura delivers. Easily search for video titles, terms used within each video, tags, closed captions, etc. It’s lightning-fast and provides each viewer fast access to the content that’s important to them.


The power of video analytics is often overlooked, but can become increasingly valuable as you utilize the Kaltura solution. Learn how many people watched, for how long, on what device and where. Gain insight into which content is the most popular, which contributors are most active, and more. With Kaltura, you’ll have immediate access to valuable insights that can provide the information you need to understand your audience, how they’re engaging with your video content, and also how you should refine your video strategy over time.


Want to learn more? We’re happy to discuss your goals and challenges where video is concerned-and outline for you unique ways in which Kaltura can help. There’s a reason Kaltura was recently received the highest scores in our space from Gartner Research and why more and more Federal Government agencies are investigating the many ways in which Kaltura can amplify their success.