8 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Miss The Video Experience Conference!

If you’re not already going to Kaltura Connect – The Video Experience Conference, read on to find out why we think it’s going to be an epic event, and a productive, empowering gathering that will positively influence ROI.

  1. Invest in your future – Video is now as essential as mobile phones, your organization is most likely using video more and more. No matter what your company does, video is already a part of its daily operations. Learning from others’ experience and practices; embedding video and media into their business, teaching & learning environments or internal collaboration operations, will enable you to make smarter decisions regarding your operations now and in the future.
  2. You’ll learn about exciting new technologies at scale. Kaltura Connect features workshops and sessions by knowledgeable, and experienced thought leaders and experts in the fields of open source and standards, deployment automation, building API driven architectures, cloud scalability and many other interesting tech challenges companies tackle every day.
  3. Check out the brilliant agenda and speakers list! We’ll have thought leaders, executives, developers and authors who will discuss everything video, from how we teach and educate through collaborating at work to drones and wearables.
  4. There are stacks of tutorials, workshops and exciting projects to discover, learn from, and get a hefty dose of video, free software and web technology.
  5. If you’re more into coding and doing – There’s also the Video Experience Weekend Hackathon! There might be $50,000 in it for you, and lot’s of exposure for you and your company when you’ll present your app at the closing keynote. And if a real product will brew in your keyboard from the hackathon – we’ll help you market and sell it!
  6. Connecting and networking – hang around your peers, we’ll have developers, DevOps, Support engineers and, for management, many executives from across industries are attending and presenting the future of video in their strategies, so bring your boss along for bonding.
  7. FUN! Every past attendee will tell you, Kaltura Connect provides ample activities for networking and one of the best night parties! And the conference food, is a special culinary experience you will not want to miss, served by 3 of the best restaurants in NYC!
  8. Its in NYC, and right next to Central Park – Invite your significant other to join you, nothing beats the business and pleasure combo, especially in the Big Apple!


And, finally, just for reading our blog – we’d like to give you a special 50% discount when registering for Kaltura Connect!
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See ya there:)

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