Game of Clones: How HBO Increased Reuse Without Increased Effort

At Kaltura Connect, leaders from media, enterprise, and education shared some key insights on how to use video more effectively.
In this video, join HBO’s John Narus to learn how to increase the efficiency of your TV marketing efforts. Media companies are experts at creating content; but managing that content efficiently is a challenge in itself. John Narus from HBO Latin America shows how they centralized their content, streamlined access, and fostered reuse of their promotional materials for distribution to HBO branded mobile apps, HBO’s branded consumer facing website, newsletters, and social media outlets. The result? More efficient operations, with fewer resources needed to expose content to the rest of the organization, reduced time-to-market for distribution of that content to consumers, and no more duplicated requests across departments for the same content. Get technical as John dives into the details of ingestion, hierarchies, distribution, custom front-ends, multilingual metadata, and more in a session that will show you how to boost your own efficiency with better content management.

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