5 Creative Ways to Use Video on Campus You Might Not Have Thought of

New ways to use videos on campus

We’ve talked a lot about some of the more common uses for video in education. From lecture capture to student assignments to live event broadcasts, schools are using video heavily in and out of the classroom. But here’s a few ideas for using video that you might not have thought of.

Safety Instructions

While there are a lot of standardized safety videos out there, that doesn’t mean you have content that’s specific to your lab, your equipment, or your specific assignment. Create one safety lecture for this week’s lab so you don’t have to repeat it for a dozen different lab sections. Make sure students have watched video BEFORE they come to class.


One increasingly popular medium is the podcast. Video podcasts are a great way to hook students, colleagues, and the wider community. Whether as a way for professors to share their research, departments to highlight student work, or student groups to showcase campus culture, podcasts can be an entertaining way to share what’s going on.

Course Catalogs

Course catalog descriptions are incredibly dry, and often don’t give a very good description of what a course will actually be like. You can attract more of the RIGHT students with a more colorful description using short video segments by the professor. Let students get a feel for your personality, what your goals are for the class, what they should hope to get out of the class, and who you think will benefit most from taking it. When students have a better understanding going in, they’re more likely to be successful and less likely to be filling out add/drop forms the second week of school.

Staff Training and Onboarding

There’s a lot of potential for video behind the scenes, too. Video can help the institution run more smoothly. For example, video is a great way to train staff on new procedures, software, or equipment. It can help standardize and smooth introducing the new adjuncts to the department and the way you do things. You can record a few quick videos and use them again and again instead of having to give the same speeches over and over. Doing video introductions can also help new staff get to know tenured faculty and vice versa.

Event Summaries

You only had the budget to send one person to the big conference. Have them make a quick recording summarizing what they learned so everyone can benefit, without spending hours doing a write up.

Digital Portfolio

It’s harder than ever to land a first job. Set your students up for success by helping them build a digital portfolio of work they’ve created during their college career. When students can prove their digital fluency with the video assignments they’ve completed, that gives them one more point on their resume that can help them impress a future employer.

When it comes to creating video, the more you help students and staff create video, the more creative uses they’ll come up with for using it.

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