5 Videos to Start Producing Now

Now that you understand the value video provides for your organization it’s time to start producing some awesome video content! You may be a creative genius, but even the greats took inspiration from their peers to make masterpieces. Here are five ideas that might tickle your fancy and can get you started on the road to video greatness:
Corporate Culture – Share what makes your organization unique. Standard Chartered Bank shares an excellent video on how they drive innovation and design at their organization.

Product Walkthroughs – Show, don’t tell what your new products are capable of. We recently launched Kaltura CaptureSpace and created this video to show exactly what it’s capable of.

How to – Often times it’s easier to show rather than tell someone how to do something. The team at GAF created an entire video library dedicated to How-To videos.
Organizational Accomplishments – If your organization has done something great, don’t be afraid to show it off! The Nature Conservancy uses video to share the stories of what they’ve done – and what they continue to do.
Event Recaps – Capturing an event with video will help it live forever for all those who participated. Houston Community College has an entire channel dedicated to capturing and sharing their past events.
We hope that these videos have given you inspiration that you can use to create some great video content into the future! Of course, the possibilities are endless and these only scratch the surface. If you’re looking to integrate video into your daily life we’re always available to chat and we’d love to hear from you.

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