5 Industries that are Excelling via Instructional Video

Screen shot 2013-06-19 at 12.00.36 PM“How to tie a tie” is the first thing that Google autosuggests once you type in the words “how to”. The first search result is a YouTube video that was watched over 14 million times. This is just one example of how video triumphs any other media. Texts or still images are just not enough when you need to pick up the complexity of the Windsor Knot.
These days, major media outlets and large enterprises produce highly professional (yet simple) instructional videos to improve customer engagement, increase views, improve SEO and in some cases comply with various authority requirements.
Before we go into specific examples, what are the benefits of instructional videos?
1.     Video is always available: Many consumers (myself included) typically throw instructions for various medicines or other products straight in to the trash as soon as they open the package only to regret it later. Having instructional videos online for your product allows the user to always have access to instructions to help them.
2.     Video meets special needs: Using online video will improve communications with customers who have difficulty reading for medical or other reasons.
3.     Video messaging connects better with customers:  Videos are more engaging. The use of instructional video has been shown to increase the probability that the consumer will follow instructions and reduces the risk of handling errors more than written instructions alone.

Industries Using Instructional Video
1. Pharmaceuticals
Pharmaceutical providers are required by the EU and FDA in the U.S. to provide some training mechanism for patients and healthcare professionals to get market approval. As a result, pharmaceutical companies have been complimenting their instructions with videos that help ensure that patients and doctors have adequate knowledge to avoid misusing medication.
Watch Rune Bergendorf explain how NNIT uses instructional videos:
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2. “Ready to Assemble” Companies
Companies such as IKEA have found that video greatly facilitates the challenge of assembling a product from its bare parts. IKEA’s product videos address the common criticism that their instructions are infuriatingly difficult to follow. Their videos’ charming animations, bright soundtracks, and helpful tips will alleviate your stress and exasperation (and will certainly leave you less inclined to smash the coffee table you are trying to build).

E-learning is a rapidly growing industry. Many universities have begun to use online video as a mechanism to enhance their students learning experience. Additionally, organizations such as Khan Academy provide a website filled with instructional videos that explain concepts and themes for various subjects. For those that are not familiar with the non-profit website that boasts over 4,200 lectures and 240 million lessons delivered, Khan Academy provides a virtual classroom experience with educational videos for student and teachers alike. Additionally, Khan Academy not only provides easy to follow videos but also further engages their users with creative gimmicks such as video lessons with Lebron James.
4. Engineering Software/Hardware
Higher tech products can be difficult to use. Many companies, including Texas Instruments, have begun to supplement their products with training tutorials. The Texas Instruments training videos are tailored towards professionals in the industry and provide an in depth technical examination of their products and how to use them.
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5. Golf
Yes, golf. If you search “best video instructions” on Google, you will find that the first 9 search results are golf related. Instructional golf videos are a means of attracting people to the sport (thus leading them to purchase golf gear) who normally would not play because of the prohibitively high cost of golf lessons.What is really great about these videos is that they whittle down what could be an hour long golf lesson into a series of short videos. Now you can learn how to add more yards to your drive in under two minutes.

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