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4 Major Online Video Trends in Education

This is my first blog post, since I joined Kaltura in June as Managing Director for the Education practice.
It has been a great first three months; especially given the busy summer we have had rolling out our new Falcon release.

We are seeing an explosion in cross-campus initiatives for video. In terms of trends for the new school year, I can think of four.
1. Cross-Campus Video
Many of our customers in EDU have started using Kaltura for one department or use case, such as teaching and learning.  But, increasingly we are finding customers looking to propagate video across the campus for additional use cases. There are a number of really great examples of this that we will be sharing shortly.
2. Student Interaction Analytics
Another question we are being asked by Faculty and Administrators is, how are students are interacting with the video content?  While we currently provide a rich set of video analytics, we are looking to expand these with functionality specific to EDU users. A good is example is the request by schools looking for user level analytics.  How does this student interact with video content and what is the result of this interaction. We are looking to include “user level analytics” in our next release (Gemini), coming later this year.
3. Searchable Repositories
Increasingly we are also seeing large repository projects being initiated by our EDU customers.  These are libraries or archives of content that institutions would like to make available on-demand. Often times these include migrating large amounts of data and mapping meta-data from existing systems to the Kaltura format.  Additionally, these projects require a robust search capability so that assets can be easily retrieved.
4. And… Mobile
Mobile continues to be a significant theme for most of our EDU customers. Many schools are releasing mobile apps, or touch-web experiences and they want to include video as part of these. As such, Kaltura has been working with many customers to optimize their content and players for mobile playback. Additionally, many customers are seeking more advanced mobile upload capability for end users.
What’s Next?
While it has been a busy summer, we at Kaltura are very excited about the coming school year. As an organization we are committed to our customers success, and thus have been increasing our resources to help roll out the new Falcon functionality. We also are continuing to gather requirements for out next release (Gemini) later this year, and look to our deep Education community for feedback.
I look forward to a great academic year 2012-2013!

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