3 More Reasons for Your Employees to Create Their Own Videos

Reasons employees want to create video

We’ve talked a lot about some of the reasons that employees today need to be able to create and share their own videos. From making sales more effective and personal to creating podcasts to sharing knowledge and training colleagues, employees can create video to streamline their own workflows and make connections across the company.

But we’ve also been seeing some more creative and off-beat uses of video lately. What are some new ways employees use the video they create, that you might not have thought of? Here’s some of the ways Kaltura is using video internally.

  1. Introducing new teammates. Here at Kaltura, we recently hired several new salespeople for our EMEA team. When they started, they each created a short video introducing themselves, their backgrounds, and their goals. They then used Kaltura Pitch to send the videos around by email to the whole company. Now everyone knows their face. It was a lot more memorable than the usual text introduction!
  2. Keeping folks up to date on changing markets. There’s always that one guy who’s really on top of new market intelligence. The easiest way to share updates on market analysis? Video. It can include sharing slides with pretty graphs. Or it can just be someone quickly laying out their thoughts. It’s faster than writing, and more engaging.
  3. Reporting back after events. How did the recent conference go? Who was there, what conversations did we have, what did we learn? Record it on the floor before you forget it, and skip the tedious write up email when you get back.

We’ve been having a lot of fun internally with both our new Personal Capture tool, which is replacing CaptureSpace with a much more streamlined way to create videos from the desktop, and Kaltura Pitch for internal communications. (We originally designed it as a sales tool, but we’re now using it even more often for talking amongst ourselves!) And we’ve got a lot of folks whose phones are glued to their hands who are addicted to their MediaSpace Go app, so they can just record videos and upload it right to the internal Kaltura MediaSpace site. It turns out, when you give people fun tools, they keep finding new ways to use them!

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