WordPress Video Plugin

What is Kaltura’s All in One WordPress Video Plugin?

A standard WordPress Plugin, that lets you integrate our online video features into WordPress. Visit our demo site to see it in action.

What are some typical use cases?

  • Create a Video Blog
  • Add a video gallery to your blog
  • Allow video comments by your viewers

Video Platform - WordPress Video Plugin


Why use Kaltura’s All in One WordPress Video Plugin?

  • Just 4 easy steps and a few minutes to install
  • Seamless integration with the WordPress platform
  • Start off for free – open a trial account and get 10GB of free hosting and streaming. Once you’re done exploring, migrate to one of our affordable packages or connect the WordPress pack to our Community Edition self-hosted platform and manage everything on your own for free.
  • This is not your average video embed tool. Leverage the full power of our Online Video Platform: superb playback, audience engagement, monetization, video management, social sharing, and more

Features and Benefits of Kaltura’s All in One WordPress Video Plugin

  • Easy video upload - import rich-media directly to your blog post or record from webcam
  • Central media management – through the Kaltura Management Console. Includes video statistics and reports
  • Complete administrative capabilities - you decide who can add and edit each video
  • Multi-user support
  • Configurable player branding and features
  • Visitor Engagement - allow readers and subscribers to add video and audio comments, and to participate in collaborative videos
  • Support for Advertising & Monetization
  • Social Sharing – easily share across 50+ social networks, blogs, and sites or via HTML embed code
  • Optimal Playback Experience – with our adaptive bitrate technology
  • View on any device – mobile (including iPhone and iPad), web, and set-top boxes