Kaltura Video Package for Moodle

What is the Moodle Video Extension?

A standard Moodle plugin that integrates Kaltura’s advanced media management capabilities into the Moodle LMS. Our out-of-the-box plugin enables you to upload, publish and share video, audio and images directly from your Moodle environment. This translates into time and money saved for your organization, and ease of use for students and faculty.

Video Platform - Moodle Video Block


Why use it?

Extend your LMS with video capabilities - enable students and faculty to experience video as they would documents and other course objects. Easily upload videos, images, audio files and documents, create video clips, screen casts, and video assignments. Content is secured and all existing Moodle permissioning is applied to media files.

Ensure top quality media delivery and protect LMS performance - with Kaltura's tier 1 hosting and CDN, students enjoy a high quality viewing experience without your LMS from stalling under the weight of video files. 
Streamline video management - rather than relying on central media and LMS teams, allow students and faculty to upload and manage media independently.

Features and Benefits

  • Upload Any Video – add videos to the LMS from lecture capture systems, libraries, and live events – all through the Moodle Video Extension.
  • My Media – upload once, use everywhere. Each user has a personal ‘My Media’ repository for uploading, managing, and sharing their video, images, and audio files, across all courses and across all Kaltura applications.
  • Video Resources – add a video resource to any course with the click of a button.
  • Media Everywhere – creating a new forum and you suddenly realize that you want to record yourself or upload media to be included in it?  Now you can do it all from the same location.  Simply launch the File Picker from the Moodle Media button and upload new media or use media that was uploaded in the past.  The same flow exists wherever you have access to the file picker: in assignments, tests, quizzes, wiki pages and more. 
  • Sharing and Collaboration – users can share media with other users, in any course. Faculty members can share media with each other and reuse video content across departments and courses.
  • Screen Recording - create and publish screencasts including audio and webcam. Record and share lectures, presentations, and more 
  • Video Presentations – allow users to synchronize video with PPT presentations and other Office docs.
  • Video Assignments – teachers can review, grade, and provide instant feedback on videos submitted by students, via an interactive flow that’s fully integrated with the gradebook and assignment tools.
  • Optimal Playback Experience:
    • Adaptive bitrate Technology - adjusts delivery based on bandwidth and device type
    • Mobile Playback – including iPhones, iPads, Android and Blackberry devices, with automatic device detection and Flash-HTML5 fallback
    • Accessibility - supports playback with ADA/508 compliant video players
    • Video Streaming - enabled through Kaltura’s tier 1 global CDN partners, ensuring state-of-the-art video quality worldwide
  • Engagement Reports for Instructors – understand how students are using media in your course. Get answers to questions like: Are students really watching the videos? Which videos are they watching most? Which students watch the videos? Are students watching the entire length of the videos? Which students contribute media to the course and do other students engage with that media? 
  • Configurable Settings - Administrators can configure video player design and branding, enable students to upload media, set faculty permissions to display embed codes for video sharing (per video) and more
  • Advanced User Access Control and Rights Management -  use any of the existing Moodle permissioning options. For each video file, you can set restrictions based on geographic location, domain, and the IP address range from which the video can be viewed. You can also limit viewing to specific devices, only from within a Kaltura Session and using secure channels with standards such as Progressive download over HTTPS, RTMPE / RTMPTE, Akamai HD Network (chunked/throttled HTTPS), SWF Verification and IP-linked token authentication.
  • Advanced Search Capabilities - perform advance search and filtering through  the videos’ metadata and save searches for future use.