Video Hosting


Take advantage of our fully redundant hosting services and expertise, or stay in full control with various self-hosting options. With Kaltura you’re free to choose where and how to host your content.

Hosting on the Kaltura Cloud

Sit back and relax. Kaltura Hosted Edition (SaaS) customers enjoy hosting at our state-of-the-art data centers, with the highest levels of performance, stability, redundancy and security.

Video Platform - Hosting


Hosting on a 3rd Party Cloud

Kaltura can easily integrate with any third party cloud hosting provider you may have selected (Akamai NetStorage, Level3 Origin Storage, etc). 

Hosting On Premise

For videos that should never leave your premise Kaltura offers a complete solution, in two platform editions: On- Premise and Hybrid. In both scenarios the platform is hosted on your infrastructure, behind your firewall.

To learn more about the different use-cases and hosting possibilities visit the Kaltura Deployment Options page.