Video Platform Security

We recognize the immense importance of securing your content. Our solutions provide end-to-end protection, to make sure your content is viewed only by authorized viewers and cannot be recorded and used by non-official/illegal distribution channels.

Kaltura is the only platform that offers a full On-Premise Edition, as well as a variety of SaaS/On-Premise hybrid deployment options, enabling you to control every aspect of the solution’s security.

ISO Certifications

Kaltura has received both the ISO/IEC 27001:2013 and ISO 27799:2008 certifications. The ISO/IEC 27001:2013 is an international standard specifying the requirements for an information security management system within an organization. It is the most widely accepted certification available regarding physical and information security to ensure business continuity. ISO 27799:2008 specifically applies to information security management in healthcare. These certifications attest to Kaltura’s ability to manage sensitive information across all industries.

Access Control

Video Platform Security - Access Control

Control exactly when and where your content is published. Content can be available all the time, or only within a specified timeframe. Open your media to the world, or restrict it by domain and geo location. You can even limit viewing to internal networks, with IP address range restrictions.

Stream Encryption

Prevent content theft by streaming video over RTMPE and HTTPS encrypted protocols. 

Tokenized Expiring CDN URLs

Video Platform Security

Secure content URL’s with an encrypted expiring token contained in the stream’s URL and ensure that content cannot be ripped from the CDN.

SWF Verification

Add an additional layer of security, by assuring that only authorized video players can playback content.


Kaltura integrates with DRM solutions, such as Google Widevine, Microsoft PlayReady, Apple Fairplay, and others. Define usage policies for online viewing, assuring that your business model is supported and your private videos remain private. Learn more

Encryption at Rest

Kaltura storage provides encryption at rest, ensuring the security of your clear content.

API Security

The Kaltura API implements several levels of security, enabling proper API usage entitlement to end-users, publisher admin users, and platform admin users. Each API session is restricted by user permissions and secured by a session token with specific credentials and/or secret keys. We also support running all of Kaltura APIs over HTTPS.

End-user Entitlements

Our MediaSpace channel and category privacy settings come with built-in server side enforcements. This ensures that content set within private and restricted channels is only accessible to relevant end-users.

Virus Protection

Stay protected with automatic malware scanning for ingested files of any type.

Security-oriented Hosted Platform Deployment

You can maintain rigid security standards while also enjoying the benefits of Kaltura’s SaaS Platform. Our hosted systems reside at SSAE16 certified state-of-the-art facilities. We also enable you to host your content locally, or on the remote storage of your choice.

With on-premise transcoding, and behind the firewall delivery, content can remain entirely behind your firewall.

Behind the Firewall Delivery

Keep your videos on your private network while referencing and managing them within the Kaltura Management Console. This can be combined with local transcoding so that video files would never be transmitted outside the Local Area Network.

On-Premise Platform Deployment

Maintain complete control over content and security, by deploying Kaltura’s Video Platform within your own infrastructure.