Giving Back to the Online Video Community

We believe in Open Video. In a nutshell, this means we’re into openness, community and a culture of sharing. We also believe that in order to promote these values we need to go even beyond the development of an open source video platform. Here are just a few of the ventures we’ve thrown ourselves into. & the Kaltura - The Kaltura Community Site is where open source video projects call home. There are lots of projects in progress, and they’re all free alternatives to the proprietary video management and processing applications out there. is also the online community of the talented developers supporting these projects, where anyone can contribute code or support and meet other developers to share ideas. To learn more visit and join the open video revolution!

Kaltura Video Platform -

Launched together with Mozilla, The Wikimedia Foundation and the Open Video Alliance, serves as an industry resource on the popular topic of HTML5 video. From a detailed comparison of available HTML5 video players, to industry news, a blog, and developer tools and forums, this wiki-style site has a load of knowledge and collaboration around one of the web's hottest trends. Learn more and contribute today.


Event and Meetup Groups 

Kaltura Video Platform - Meet Up Group

Kaltura groups bring together thinkers, hackers, designers and innovators to collaborate on new projects related to online video. We host regular meetups in cities around the world as well as online webinars. Group members dig into topics such as user experience, standards,  features and code, as well as work together to create free and open source online video projects. There are groups on various topics: business oriented, user and product groups, hackathons, and developer events. Interesting ideas and new project suggestions are more than welcome. Find the one that is the closest to you, join the group and become involved. Learn more and join.



Open Video Alliance

Kaltura is a founding member of the Open Video Alliance (OVA), a coalition of organizations and individuals dedicated to creating and promoting free and open technologies, policies, and practices in online video. The big idea behind the Open Video Alliance is that heading into this future, the tools for creating, manipulating, and sharing video must be available to everyone. The Open Video Conference, organized yearly by the OVA, is a summit focusing on the future of video on the web. To get involved, visit the OVA website.


Let’s Get Video on Wikipedia

Kaltura Video Platform - get video on wikipedia

A joint project with the Open Video Alliance, Mozilla and PCF, the purpose of this mass campaign is to bring video

content to Wikipedia. Why is video on Wikipedia important? Video is going to make Wikipedia an even better

educational resource. Not only is open video good for Wikipedia; it’s also good for the web. Wikipedia is the biggest

site yet to implement fully open video, and its success will lend momentum to the movement for a 100% open and

royalty-free video distribution system. Let’s Get Video on Wikipedia is part of our effort to support both individuals and institutions who wish to contribute to this vision. To learn more visit the Let’s Get Video on Wikipedia site.