5 Steps to Achieving Engaged Users:
What you Can Really Do with Your TV Data

Join the webinar on Thursday, April 2nd at 11am GMT+1

The intense pace in which the TV industry is changing has seen players across the ecosystem fundamentally rethink their strategies. As more consumers turn to digital-first platforms when it comes to video, it become quite overwhelming to deal with all the tremendous amounts of data that TV and streaming services generate today. In this session we’ll talk about the 5-step journey all the services must go through when dealing with data, and shed the light on things that really matter: what data to gather and how to gather it,  what insights can be extracted from it and how can you implement those insights to actually benefit from increased viewership and monetization.

Webinar Speaker: Oded Ben-Zur
Senior Director Product Innovation, Kaltura

Oded has over 18 years of product and technology experience in video, TV, and big data. At Kaltura, Oded has successfully played a pivotal role in envisioning and introducing multi-discipline and disruptive products, including TTV, USE, BI, cDVR, open commerce, API and adapters gateways. Prior to joining Kaltura, Oded held various product leadership positions at companies including LiveU, Vidmind, Radware, BigBand and Sheer Networks