Kaltura MediaSpace™ Video Portal

What is MediaSpace?

Build your own private YouTube™ with Kaltura MediaSpace™, a market-leading social video and rich media portal.

With MediaSpace's video portal, users can securely create, upload, share, search, browse, and watch live and on demand videos, presentations, screencasts, and other rich media content, anytime, anywhere. MediaSpace provides a superb cross-device user experience, unmatched user engagement capabilities, and powerful control and governance tools. 

MediaSpace encourages community, collaboration, and social activities through the power of online video. In the past, single administrators or small teams within the organization would publish to a large audience. MediaSpace revolutionizes this process by enabling democratization of media creation and sharing with many contributors, moderators, and viewers in a multitude of channels. To see it in action visit our demo site.

What can MediaSpace be used for?

Easily publish high-quality video content with minimal setup, or empower a user community to upload and manage media independently.

Enterprises: Some powerful ways to use a Corporate Tube internal video portal include:

  • Corporate communication
  • Employee training and onboarding
  • Collaboration and knowledge sharing
  • Executive messaging
  • Public-facing catalog of product and company videos

Media Companies: A branded video portal can be used for:

  • Ad-supported video catalogs
  • PPV experiences
  • Movie/show launches
  • Video galleries
  • Editorial workflow hub for content reviewing and publishing
  • Tools to support citizen journalism
  • Tools to upload, moderate, and review content before publishing

Educational Institutions Ways to use Campus Tube to accelerate learning include:

  • Publishing lectures and teaching materials
  • Library databases
  • Student uploads and campus life
  • Community, athletic club, and alumni related content. 

Features & Benefits of the Video Portal

User Experience

  • Optimized User Experience: Responsive design and adaptive bitrate for optimal experiences across any device and screen so users can browse, search, capture, play, create quizzes in, and share videos anywhere and anytime
  • Powerful Content Organization: Centrally curated categories, sub-categories and channels for intuitive content segregation, discovery, and/or SEO
  • Robust Video Search and Discovery: Searchable within the video title, description and subtitles to skip directly to the location of the search phrase, or navigable by chapter
  • Accessibility and Closed Captions: Supports playback with ADA/508 compliant video players. Add multi-lingual captions to reach hearing-impaired or multi-lingual audiences, and enable in-video caption search
  • Branding and Skinning: 14 pre-defined skins or a custom CSS of your own for branded look and feel
  • Mobile focused: Native mobile app that allows creating, sharing and viewing content anywhere, anytime, as well as download content for secure offline playback 

User Engagement

  • Powerful UGC Tools for Content Contribution: Allows end users to contribute content by uploading rich media from their desktop, recording via a webcam, recording their computer screen, or capturing video on mobile devices
  • Built-in Editing Tools: Trimming, chopping, thumbnails and more
  • Consumer-like Social Tools: Enables users to comment, rate, like, and share videos internally or publish on external social sites (where permitted), or sign up for email notifications or channel subscriptions
  • Content Recommendations: Maximizes video consumption by presenting related content, video recommendations, featured videos, most-viewed videos, recent videos, and video playlists
  • Advertising & Monetization: Built-in support for ads (in-video, companion, banner) and Paywall integration

User Management & Control

  • Fine-grain Access  Control and Content Segregation: Different privacy settings and types of users for each category, sub-category and channel, with different sets of entitlements for granular delegation of ownership, permissions, and moderation
  • Analytics: Engagement reports for channel managers on all channel content (who contributed, who viewed, how long, etc.); reports on private content for each viewer and content owner

Hosting and Deployment Options

We offer a broad range of deployment options for our platform and applications. The MediaSpace web-portal application can be deployed in various ways: SaaS, self-hosted, or a hybrid of the two.

The Kaltura-hosted solution requires no CDN relationship or video streaming although it can integrate with any delivery infrastructure customers have in place.