Personal and Lecture Video Capture

Kaltura makes lecture video capture and personal video capture easier than ever before.

Kaltura CaptureSpace: Lectures, Classrooms, Home, and On-the-Go

Kaltura CaptureSpace enables easy lecture capture in class, at home or on-the-go with automated publishing and interactive viewing within the LMS and Kaltura’s MediaSpace video portal. CaptureSpace is a professional and all-inclusive video capture solution. Learn more.

Kaltura Video Capture Tools

If you’re already using any of our LMS integrations (Blackboard, Moodle, Desire2Learn, Canvas or Sakai), or Kaltura MediaSpace™ video portal, you can leverage our out-of-the-box tools within the LMS and MediaSpace.

Start by recording video with CaptureSpace Lite. You might want to capture a presentation, lecture, classroom, feedback, notes for colleagues, or video blog post.

  • Multi-source - Show both presentation and presenter by capturing video, audio and your screen.
  • High Quality - You control the quality – as a lecture video recorder use a professional camera (e.g., via USB) or a simple webcam. A simple classroom recording system.
  • Simple to Use
    • Easy Video Capture - No software install, no HW needed. Can run from any PC or MAC, directly from the browser via the course webpage in the LMS or from Kaltura’s MediaSpace.
    • Easy Sharing – Your recordings will automatically be added to your Kaltura personal repository (“My Media”). With one click you can publish to the LMS course, a MediaSpace channel or the entire campus. Easy to syndicate to an iTunes feed, email, download and more.
    • Watch Anywhere  - On any device – mobile, tablet, PC or Mac. Plays directly from the browser, with no need to install any software or app.

The Open Capture Standard

In line with its commitment to openness and collaboration, Kaltura has released the Open Capture Standard. This standard provides customers with the highest level of flexibility to choose their preferred solution, or to integrate Kaltura with existing systems deployed in various departments and schools across campus or even across a state-wide system.

  • An easy interface for any lecture video capture solution to push its video recordings into the Kaltura platform, and then enjoy the same ingestion, publishing and playback capacities.
  • Already supporting this new open standard are several lecture video capture solution providers, including Collaaj, Winnov, Cattura and TechSmith.
  • Allows institutions to consolidate all of their captured content into one location, enabling effective discovery and reuse of content across the institution, transcending departments, schools and semesters.
  • Much like what IMS’s Common Cartridge did for the Learning Management market, the standard assures long term interoperability with other capture solutions that comply with the standard.

Custom integration with Lecture Video Capture Solutions

Kaltura has experience integrating with additional lecture capture partners, such as Cattura, Echo360 and Crestron, and we can easily integrate with any other lecture video capture system of your choice.


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