Partners Overview

Help create the future of online video by partnering with Kaltura.

Kaltura offers three major partnership programs, including a variety of partnership options to match your needs. With Kaltura’s modular, flexible and API-based video platform, there are almost limitless ways for you to bring video to market with Kaltura. A given Partner may participate in more than one of the programs listed below.

Technology Partners (Kaltura Exchange)

Kaltura Technology Partners are companies and individual developers who leverage Kaltura’s platform to offer related and integrated products. Technology Partners may extend the Kaltura core, or any of the Kaltura applications and widgets, or develop stand-alone apps, using the Kaltura cloud infrastructure. Technology Partners are usually members of The Kaltura Exchange, the first online marketplace for rich media and video applications.

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Channel Partners

Our Channel Partners are certified to refer or resell Kaltura products and services within a given territory and/or vertical. If your customers have video needs, let’s talk about how we can help them together.

Referral Partners

Kaltura offers a simple, easy-to-use referral program that allows you to earn referral fees on qualified business you refer to Kaltura that closes. This is a great way to offer value added video solutions to your customers if your organization is not yet ready to sell or support Kaltura’s products on your own.

Reseller Partners

Kaltura offers a comprehensive Reseller Partner Program for companies who have a strong understanding of online video technology and are willing to invest the proper resources to successfully sell and support the Kaltura offering.  Whether you want to resell Kaltura’s standalone offerings or bundle Kaltura solutions with your own, the Kaltura Reseller Program offers the flexibility and support you need. 

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OEM Partners

Kaltura offers a flexible OEM program for companies looking to license our platform to develop a custom video application, build their own OVP offering, or integrate Kaltura into their existing application or services. Depending on specific requirements and deployment options, white-labeling of both front and back-end components are available.

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Cloud Service Providers (CSP)

This partnership option is for MSPs, Telcos, Hosters, and Cloud Providers who already have expertise in delivering managed services / SaaS offerings. Kaltura enables CSP Partners to build out their own Kaltura OVP offering within their own data centers/cloud and offer it to its customers. 

Integration Partners

Kaltura’s Integration Partner certification program is designed to successfully train technical service providers to provision, deploy, integrate and develop on top of the Kaltura platform, according to our standards and best practices. Certified Integration Partners may provide Kaltura-related services either as sub-contractors to Kaltura or in conjunction with the Kaltura Channel Program.

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