Webinar Recordings

Format: 2014-04-16
Format: 2014-04-16
Format: 2014-04-16
  • Boost Social Business with Kaltura's Video Extension for IBM Conenctions

    March 13, 2014

    Thousands of innovative organizations are using social business software, such as the leading IBM Connections product, to increase employee productivity and collaboration, and to meet the expectations of today’s social employees and customers. At the same time, video usage has seen substantial growth within the enterprise, and has transformed the way employees and organizations communicate and share knowledge. It is clear that by bringing video and social together, and enabling users to seamlessly use video in their social activities, you can maximize engagement, productivity, and adoption. Join this webinar to learn why video is key to your social business success. We will demonstrate how to easily add advanced video creation and consumption capabilities into your IBM Connections portal in order to boost communications, collaboration, training, and knowledge sharing across the enterprise.

  • Monetizing Snackable Content - Best Practices for Easy Distribution with High CPMs

    March 12, 2014
    Industry:Media, Enterprise, Education, Service Providers, Community

    Today's online viewers have an endless selection of content to choose from. This poses a challenge to media companies, content owners, video producers, marketers and bloggers. What are the best ways to distribute and monetize short videos that will target the right viewers and allow publishers to sell advertising for high CPMs? 

    Join this webinar to learn from NewsBeat Social how they are revolutionizing short content monetization by creating great snackable content and distributing it across social networks. The webinar will also include some best practices from LiveRail and Kaltura on how to present ads within your video player, how to appeal to an ad network, how to package your inventory in the right way and how to overcome some of the challenges with mobile delivery. 

    The webinar will be a unique opportunity for both existing and new publishers to learn how to construct an effective monetization strategy from experts in 3 parts of the ecosystem: publishers, video platforms, and ad networks.

  • Education Innovation Powered by Video in Canvas

    March 11, 2014

    Introducing the Kaltura Video App for Canvas! This app opens up a whole new set of engaging teaching possibilities within Canvas. From integration of lecture capture and video materials, to video assignments, and sharing of student and faculty video content, all fully integrated with the Canvas learning management system. You can upload, publish, search,  reuse videos across various courses and share video directly from within your Canvas environment. This translates into time and money saved for your organization, improved student engagement, creativity and learning results, as well as ease of use for students, faculty and teaching assistants. Join our product team to learn about all the new exciting things you can now do with video in Canvas.

  • Revolutionize Education Experiences - Gwinnett Online Campus Case Study

    February 19, 2014

    What if children were offered an opportunity to attend a full-time online school within their district for grades 4-12? What if students could gain access to courses they otherwise would not be able to take? What if students could graduate from high school earlier, to recover credit, and much more all while being fully engaged and achieving better learning outcomes? Imagine if kids could choose to physically go to the school building or just attend their interactive learning labs virtually. For the kids in Gwinnett County, these are not hypothetical questions – this is reality. Gwinnett Online Campus revolutionized K-12 education, and children can choose to attend a virtual school, or to supplement their "brick and mortar" experience with online courses. Join this webinar to hear representatives from Gwinnett Online Campus share their experience around the creation of their unique school, the technological challenges they were facing, and the solutions implemented.

  • A Streaming Video eCommerce Platform for Global Learning: A DuPont Sustainable Solutions Case Study

    January 30, 2014
    Industry:Media, Enterprise, Community
    Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) Council conducted a global research in 2013 which reveals that 88 percent of business buyers believe online content plays a moderate to major role in vendor selection. While it is common knowledge that digital distribution and consumption are often a favorite model for knowledge sharing today – taking the first steps to creating a streaming video eCommerce platform can be challenging.
    Join this webinar to learn from representatives from DuPont and Kaltura how to leverage your streaming video assets to create a dynamic video learning portal. Learn from the creators of the DuPont Sustainable Solution’s CoastalFlix platform and discover new and inventive ways to set up a video eCommerce platform.
  • The Opportunities and Challenges of Video: Conversation with Kenneth C. Green of The Campus Computing Project

    January 21, 2014
    Video presents an expanded world of new opportunities for traditional, hybrid, and online education efforts. Most institutions are eager to efficiently leverage the capabilities that video can provide to enhance course content and to foster student engagement. However, with so many different ways to develop an institutional video strategy, the challenges quickly pile up. So whether your campus is already engaging with video, just beginning to deploy video, or in the early stages of planning for video, there is much to learn from those who have already taken this journey.
    Kaltura is pleased to host a webinar with Kenneth C. Green, director of The Campus Computing Project, focused on the challenges and opportunities for leveraging and managing video in instruction and other institutional activities. The webinar will focus on common challenges that colleges and universities confront in their efforts to expand the role of video at their institution, and ways to develop a institutional strategy that will effectively exploit both video technologies and campus video resources.
  • Launch Your Own Netflix-Like Portal - OTT Made Easy

    December 18, 2013
    Industry:Media, Enterprise, Education, Service Providers, Community
    Over the top (OTT) delivery is one of the hottest buzz words of 2013 and offers a unique opportunity to establish a direct relationship with your viewers and fans. But what does it really mean and how can you leverage today’s technologies to monetize your content more effectively?  How can you manage a massive user base including e-billing and customer support?
    Join us for a webinar that will cover the latest shifts in the news and entertainment market that shows how media companies, service providers, and their viewers are ready for new video experiences and revenue streams. The technology to have your own subscription VOD portal is already here and it enables easy video management and subscription management.
    In this webinar we will answer the following questions:
    ·         Who should consider an out-of-the-box OTT solution and what is MediaGo?
    ·         What are the required components in order to create an OTT content store?
    ·         What are the different monetization tools and business models to consider?
    ·         How is your content protected in such solutions?
    ·         What tools exist for billing and subscription management?
    ·         How can you extend the video portal to create a more entertaining experience?
  • "What's On?" - How To Create and Curate Engaging Content

    November 14, 2013
    Industry:Enterprise, Education
    Hoped your important videos had more views?  Wondered why your organization's portal is full of poorly lit videos with bad audio?  Wished you knew how to create quality video that colleagues want to watch?
    Tune-in to the first “What’s On?” Kaltura Inspire Webinar. Join Jordan Berman, Founder & CEO of OFC: Office Channel, and David P. Kronmiller, Host and Creator of our newly launched web series, “I Went To Film School So You Don't Have To", in an entertaining webinar that demystifies the creation and curation of compelling content that delivers your message on budget. Learn essential strategies in video programming and production as well as practical tips and tricks that are easy to implement and will go a long way.  Because hope is not a method!
  • Create Amazing Video Experiences with Powerful Media Players

    October 29, 2013
    Industry:Media, Enterprise, Education, Service Providers, Community

    Your online video strategy consists of a long list of components, but the most important one is the video player. From quick load time and adaptive streaming to easy customization and robust monetization capabilities – your video player should be smart and flexible to do it all. 

    In this webinar we will discuss key considerations for deploying the optimal video player. We will also dive into Kaltura’s groundbreaking video player and Player Toolkit that leads with HTML5, enables skinning of Flash, Native iOS, Android and browser HTML5 players with simple CSS and JSON. We will talk about integrating the Kaltura Video Player with MPEG-DASH to have a friendlier web-based video delivery as well as DRM options. Join us to see how to use these features to create unique video experiences with smart monetization, social capabilities and user engagement.

  • Launch A 'Corporate YouTube' to Increase Productivity and Reduce Costs

    September 19, 2013

    Video is an essential tool for learning, knowledge sharing, and collaboration in the enterprise, all of which make your workforce more informed and productive.Video content is more effective, engaging, and fun to consume, for both your employees and customers. Yet today, few organizations have a central place for employees or managers to create content, record video from their computers, share meetings, or view media on desktops or mobile devices.

    Join us to learn how you can use Kaltura MediaSpace to jump-start your organization's use of video for collaboration and knowledge sharing, and hear best practices from leading global companies. In this webinar you will learn how to:

    •         Use a 'Corporate Tube' effectively for training, collaboration, employee content sharing, and corporate messaging. 

    •         Build your enterprise's video-first culture 

    •         Easily launch a Corporate Tube 

    •         Empower your employees to create and upload video