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Format: 2014-04-24
Format: 2014-04-24
Format: 2014-04-24
  • Is Video Revolutionizing Education? An Empirical Report

    May 6, 2014

    Video is at the center of many of the latest educational trends: Online and Hybrid Learning, MOOCs, BYOD and Flipped Classroom experiences. Engaging Video is used across the board by educational institutions – for teaching and learning, marketing, admissions, alumni relationships, public affairs and workforce training.

    On March 27th, 2014 Kaltura released its first annual report on the state of video in education. The report is based on a high participatory survey and is the most comprehensive report on the subject to-date; it covers video usage, perception and trends in the educational world and has interesting results. We encourage interested participants to read the report prior to the webinar.

    In the Webinar we will review the report’s highlights and what can be learned from it. We will use most of the time to discuss questions raised from the audience before and during the webinar.