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Format: 2014-11-20
Format: 2014-11-20
Format: 2014-11-20
  • Creating, Monetizing and Distributing Content in the Multi-Screen Age

    December 11, 2014
    Industry:Media, Enterprise
    For viewers, watching video content is easier then ever. It’s available on their PC, phone, tablet, video streamer, smart TV, android dongle, taxi cab, airplane and the list goes own… However, for content creators and marketers, endless screen types mean endless challenges. Each screen offers a different experience and publishers need to take that into account when creating and monetizing their videos
    HitFlix (hitflix.com​) constantly offers a fresh approach to creating content in the multi screen age. In this webinar, Hitflix CEO and Co-Founder, Jennifer Sargent, will share best practices about creating the right video for the right screen, with an emphasis on mobile phones.  We will also review various tools to distribute content to more viewers than ever before - in order to maximize the content's monetization potential.
    If you are a content producer, content marketer or a technology specialist looking for new ideas to tell your story and distribute it online - join us for this unique opportunity to learn from a true pioneer in the multi screen video space.