Video Platform Features

Our video portal is designed to help you create value with video. With Kaltura’s wide range of features and powerful tools you’ll quickly expand your audience, generate revenue, and create more effective digital communications.

Built with the utmost flexibility in mind, each feature can be used out of the box and managed through our easy-to-use interface, or customized via our APIs and developer tools.




Display ads on any device and bypass ad blockers with Kaltura’s server-side ad insertion, or ad-stitching.

Kaltura’s “accessibility first” development approach ensures content is accessible within Kaltura across products, services, and devices.

Allow your users to collaborate and get creative with our interactivity and engagement capabilities.

Seamlessly embed multiple-choice questions within a video to create an interactive video quiz. Online learning at its best.

Powerful video distribution services make it easy to reach your audience across the web.

Deliver video to mobile devices, with mobile-ready encoding flavors, device detection, and customizable players.

Organize your content, search media, edit, moderate, create playlists, and much more – all in one intuitive interface.

Easily upload and ingest video, audio, images and docs. Bulk or individual file uploads, via browser, desktop app, email or mobile.

Upload your content and we’ll transcode it into multiple flavors, or use your own transcoders.

Capture and manage recorded videos of your lectures, classroom, home, and on-the-go with Kaltura and third party recording tools.

Publish the best quality video across any device - mobile, PC or set-top-box. Broadcast live videos. Free trial!

Make the most out of your web-conferencing VOD content with Kaltura’s Web-conferencing Connectors

Get insight into content performance and viewer behavior. Make informed decisions based on real data.

Host your video content at our fully redundant facilities or self-host content behind your firewall.

Stream the best quality video, with full security and control.

Protect your content with end-to-end security.

Enable video discovery and search.

Customize player design and features or leverage built-in templates.

Enable not only accelerated delivery, but also compliance with your content policy.

Protect your content from unauthorized use.

Deliver a smooth live-stream viewing experience, with a host of added-value features.

Grow your revenue with content monetization tools, and audience engagement reporting.

Trim videos to create clips, add subtitles, and cue points to enable chaptering, advertising and deep search.

Make it easy to syndicate the video player and market your video content on partner websites and applications.

Streamline the entire media preparation and enrichment process.