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Monetize your video
Flexible Business Models

Monetize in any way: ads, subscriptions, transactions, freemium.

Helps build a base
Advanced Marketing Tools

Build an OTT TV subscriber base quickly with free trials, coupons and personalized push notifications.

Users love being engaged on OTT TV
A New TV Experience

Offer an OTT TV experience that viewers love: restart live shows, cloud DVR, personal recommendations.

Launch across devices
The Widest Device Support

Launch quickly with a DRM protected mobile app, and templates for web, set-top boxes and connected devices.

References and templates lead to quick launch
Flexible Deployment

Launch quickly with DRM protected reference mobile app and templates for web, set-top boxes and connected devices.

Engage viewers with multiple video formats
Video CMS

Administer live streams, video-on-demand assets, thumbnails, subtititles, and video metadata

It's all moving to mobile
Award Winning Social Apps

Offer beautiful mobile apps with a strong emphasis on personalization for individual users within the same household.

Fast Time to Market
Choose an experienced team. Kaltura successfully deployed OTT systems for customers under strict timelines and challenging design constraints.
Examples, solutions, and thought leadership on OTT TV and online video.
Learn about the features and benefits of Kaltura's OTT TV platform.
Universal DRM Primer
Learn more about Digital Rights Management today.
Launch an out-of-the-box OTT solution in just a few months.