What's New?

At Kaltura, it's all about innovation and listening to our customers' needs and evolving requirements. New versions are designed together with our customers' input, as well as feedback we've received from our open source community.

Check out some of the latest and greatest features in Kaltura's Hercules release:


MediaSpace Language Localization

We now provide granular internationalization and localization capabilities to cater video to your non-English speaking audiences in their local language. Kaltura MediaSpace is now available in German and Spanish out-of-the-box, and supports all other languages.

Digital Rights Management (DRM) – Google Widevine*

Fully integrated into Kaltura’s ingestion/transcoding workflows, Flash player, and content management, Google Widevine provides maximum protection for your premium content, with media encryption and controlled licensing for preventing cases of unauthorized distribution. This technology provides an additional security layer to Kaltura’s existing robust security capabilities, and also includes built-in policies and enforcement for different monetization models for organizations that monetize their training videos or other premium content (subscriptions, limited rentals, pay-per-view ).




Dedicated Transcoding

Our dedicated transcoding provides you more control in handling time-sensitive content (during marketing events, conferences, etc.) by using dedicated transcoding resources. This is a paid feature.

Monetization Enhancements

Now you can configure your ad networks directly from within the  KMC with ad networks, including FreeWheel, Tremor and Google DFP latest modules, both Flash and HTML5.

Store WebEx Recordings on Kaltura

Significantly reduce costs by storing your WebEx session recordings on Kaltura. You will also benefit Kaltura’s advanced video capabilities (not available via WebEx), including: mobile playback, closed captions and comprehensive content discoverability, analytics, embedding and publishing videos on other sites (e.g. SharePoint, CMSs), or publishing on the Kaltura MediaSpace video portal where users can take advantage of channels, social sharing and commenting tools, and much more.

For more version feature updates browse the Hercules or Gemini release notes.


* Available at extra cost to Gold and Platinum customers