What's New?

New Video Player, Free Live Streaming, Improved Analytics and More – What’s New in Kaltura’s “Iris” Release?

We are happy to announce the upcoming deployment of Kaltura’s new version – Iris – for our SaaS customers, which will take place on May 4th. Iris introduces a host of new advanced capabilities both within our core platform and the Kaltura MediaSpaceTM application. The new release will significantly improve your live and on-demand video experience, user-engagement, and content control.

What’s New in Iris?Kaltura Video Player

Kaltura Smart Playback Experience — Kaltura continues to push the envelope with the industry’s first ‘HTML5-first’ video player. This player enables up to 2.5x faster load to playback time vs the existing player. The new player also adds enhanced 508 / accessibility & keyboard input, share, info & related integrated plugins, responsive layout, and unified configuration and theming; across desktop, mobile web and native iOS & Android applications.  You can see many of its features highlighted on player.kaltura.com and developers can dig into powerful tools for customization. The improved player will be made available to you at no additional cost.

Special thanks to the many customers that have worked with the beta version in limited availability as we tweaked and finalized this exciting release.

Universal Player Studio — To design the new Smart Video Player, our player studio has been built from the ground up in HTML in order to make it fun and easy to visually customize video players that will work well on both desktop and mobile devices. The new player studio sits alongside the existing Flash studio, and the ability to edit Flash players will continue to work as it does today. Be sure to read up on what is currently available in the new studio, what remains Flash-only features and other frequently asked questions about the new studio. Also check out the detailed user guide. The new studio will be made available to you at no additional cost


We will be expanding the Universal Player Studio feature set over time to visually configure many additional plugins & features as well as adding tools to streamline creating new custom player experiences.

Kaltura Live Streaming — Kaltura has been hard at work building a first class live streaming service fully integrated into the Kaltura platform. In light of these efforts, we are now able to offer advanced live streaming capabilities to every standard Kaltura SaaS account at no cost. The free offering includes support for instant provisioning, recording & live DVR functionality all across multiple industry streaming protocols such as Smooth Streaming, HLS, HDS & DASH. This enables you to effortlessly deliver your live stream to a plethora of browsers, mobile and connected devices. In addition, a single embed code can automatically go from live broadcast to a VOD archive version of the event. VOD assets can also be clipped from the live stream in real time during the broadcast.

Kaltura is also offering a new “Live Plus” service, which, for an additional cost, supports cloud transcoding; enabling a single live feed ingest to be transcoded in the cloud for adaptive multi-flavor delivery across different devices and bandwidth constraints. Please contact you Customer Success Manager for pricing and details.

In addition, Kaltura now offers improved live analytics. Regardless of which live capabilities you are using, you will notice a new “Live” tab within the KMC Analytics that provides hourly aggregated data on number of plays for each live entry (new Kaltura live and legacy live streaming). A comprehensive dashboard for analytics for live streams is been built these days and will be available in following releases.

You can read answers to commonly asked questions about live streaming, and a general guide to live streaming is also available.

KMC Localization — We have added the ability to access the KMC in multiple languages: Spanish, German, French and Japanese. This makes the administrative console more accessible to an international audience in with an easy to use language switcher in the KMC interface.  Please contact you Customer Success Manager for pricing and details.

Kaltura MediaSpace 5.7

New and improved capabilities for video-centric user experience, engagement, and control of your MediaSpace video portal, including:

Empower channel owners – reduce administrative overhead: Use new capabilities such as channel-level analytics and channel creation policies for secure delegation of channel management to various stakeholders in your organization

Edit videos in the cloud: Trim videos before publishing or create clips from existing videos, as well as capture thumbnails from within the video to improve engagement

Scale knowledge sharing with Shared Repositories: Found a cool video and want to publish it on your channel for your channel-members to watch? Shared media repositories allow any member to not only browse media, but also publish it to other channels/categories. Ideal for educational content sharing, and includes tools for control and privacy disclaimers.

A slick mobile app with offline video playback capabilities: Enjoy the MediaSpace native mobile experience, with the ability to download and play videos securely offline, during your commute or when an internet connection is unavailable.

Time-based comments for enhanced social feedback: Add comments to specific time points within each video to streamline feedback collaboration workflows. Sharing a video on more than one channel/category? No problem, keep discussions around the same video private to each channel and relevant to those channel members only

Increase your global reach: Full out-of-the-box internationalization of the video portal in Spanish, French, German, and Portuguese (other languages are available upon request).

Stream live video from your webcam*: Democratize live video communications by allowing end-users to launch live events directly from their video portal, utilizing their webcam or any other live stream without the need to install any encoding software or hardware.

* Reach out to your Kaltura Customer Success Manager to enable this feature (for Kaltura SaaS users only).