Video Building Block for Blackboard

What is the Kaltura Video Building Block?

Kaltura has partnered with Blackboard to deliver a video application that opens up a whole new set of engaging teaching possibilities - from integration of lecture capture and video materials, to video assignments, and sharing of student and faculty video content, all fully integrated within the Blackboard Learn platform. You can upload, publish, search, create clips from existing video content, reuse videos across various courses and share video directly from your Blackboard environment. This translates into time and money saved for your organization, improved student engagement, creativity and learning results, as well as ease of use for students, faculty and teaching assistants. Visit the demo site to see it in action.

Video Platform - Video Building Block for Blackboard


Why use it?

Extend your LMS with video capabilities - enable students and faculty to experience video as they would documents and other course objects. Easily upload videos, images, audio files and documents, create video clips, screen casts, and video assignments. Content is secured and all existing Blackboard permissioning is applied to media files.

Ensure top quality media delivery and protect LMS performance - with Kaltura's tier 1 hosting and CDN, students enjoy a high quality viewing experience without your LMS stalling under the weight of video files. 

Streamline video management - rather than relying on central media and LMS teams, allow students and faculty to upload and manage media independently.

Features and Benefits

  • Upload Any Video – add videos to the LMS from lecture capture systems, libraries, and live events – all through the Blackboard Building Block. 
  • Screen Capture - create and publish screencasts including audio and webcam. Record and share lectures, presentations, and more.
  • “My Media” Tool – every Blackboard user has a private media destination where content can be uploaded, managed, clipped, assigned and shared (based on user permissions). 
  • Course “Media Gallery” Tool -  enables course  members to search and view rich media assigned to a course.
  • Faculty Repository - faculty can easily share content with each other by making their media public in the searchable Faculty Repository. The repository also allows faculty to use library/curriculum media content for their courses.
  • Use Videos Anywhere – add video to assignments, tests, quizzes, forums, blogs, and more, directly from the Kaltura Mashup option within the text editor. You can select from existing content in “My Media” / Faculty Repository, upload videos or record them on the fly. The same flow exists wherever you have access to the text editor. Alternatively, users can easily ingest and display video in the Blackboard content tool.
  • Optimal Playback Experience:
    • Adaptive Bitrate technology
    • Mobile Playback – including iPhones, iPads, Android and Blackberry devices, with automatic device detection and Flash-HTML5 fallback
    • Accessibility - Supports playback with ADA/508 compliant video players
  • Engagement reports for instructors – Gain insight in to media use in your course. Get answers to questions like: are students really watching the videos? Which videos are they watching most? Which students watch the videos? Are students watching the entire length of the videos? Which students contribute media to the course and do other students engage with that media? 
  • Advanced user access control and rights management -  use any of the existing Blackboard permissioning options. Control access per video file, geographic location, domain, and the IP address range from which the video can be viewed. You may also limit viewing to specific devices, only from within a Kaltura Session and using secure channels with standards such as Progressive download over HTTPS, RTMPE / RTMPTE, Akamai HD Network (chunked/throttled HTTPS), SWF Verification and IP-linked token authentication.
  • Global Playlist - System Administrators can create a list of videos for the institution’s homepage. The list will appear in the form of a customizable video module including a video player and playlist.
  • Configurable Settings - Administrators can configure video player design and branding, allow users to clip videos, enable students to upload media, set faculty permissions to display embed codes for video sharing (per video), and more.
  • Clipping Tool - students and faculty can create video clips from existing content. Remove redundant sections or create highlights from the longer video (requires owner’s permission).
  • Advanced Search Capabilities - perform advanced search and filtering on video metadata and save searches for future use.