Sakai Video Tool

What is the Kaltura Video Tool for Sakai?

A standard Sakai Tool that integrates Kaltura’s advanced media management capabilities into the Sakai LMS. Our out-of-the-box extension enables you to upload, publish and share video directly from your Sakai environment. This translates into time and money saved for your organization, and ease of use for students and faculty. Visit the demo site to see it in action.

Video Platform - Sakai Video Tool


The Kaltura Media Gallery (KMG) allows users to create collections of visible media with granular permissions, in order to easily manage rich media content and make it available for viewing and collaboration with other site users. With Kaltura, rich media content can be easily used and reused anywhere in Sakai. The Kaltura Video Tool for Sakai enhances user engagement by making it easy for students and faculty to engage with one another and with the institution, using rich-media. 

Why use it?

Streamline video management - rather than relying on central media and LMS teams, allow students and faculty to upload and manage media independently.

Extend your LMS with video capabilities - enable students and faculty to experience video and rich-media as they would documents and other course objects.

Ensure top quality media delivery and protect LMS performance - with Kaltura's tier 1 hosting, and CDN, give students a high quality viewing experience and prevent your LMS from stalling under the weight of media files.

Features and Benefits

  • User friendly media management within Sakai – allow users to search, browse, manage and play a course’s collection of visible media, based on user permissions.
  • Reuse and share content with media repositories – users can use their personal My Media repository as well as the public (for authorized users) Site Library repository for uploading, viewing and managing their video, images, and audio content and reuse these anywhere in a site/course or across sites.
  • Upload Once, Use Everywhere - publish video and other media content in all areas within Sakai where media was not easily accessible before: announcements, assignments, discussions, polls, etc.
  • Optimal Playback Experience – Video streaming is enabled through Kaltura’s tier 1 global CDN partners, ensuring state-of-the-art video quality worldwide, as well as adaptive bitrate technology adjusting delivery based on bandwidth and device type
  • Mobile support  – Support for video playback, both Flash and HTML5, for mobile and tablets, (including iOS and Android devices)
  • Configurable player branding and features, including full ADA Section 508 compliance.
  • Security and Digital Rights Management - Media is delivered over secure channels and administrators can preserve digital rights by restricting access to videos using various parameters.
  • Detailed User-Level Analytics – see how popular and effective each content item is and identify correlation between specific student video consumption patterns and performance in a given course
  • Integrations and streamlining of video content - videos from lecture capture systems, libraries, and live events can easily be added to the LMS through the Kaltura tool.