Kaltura OTT TV

Discover OTT3 - Kaltura's Next Generation Pay OTT TV Solution

What is Kaltura OTT TV?

Kaltura OTT TV enables service providers and media companies to quickly launch a comprehensive OTT TV service with advanced monetization, social interaction and personalization tools. Kaltura OTT TV provides a cross-device experience for all content types - live, VOD and catch-up.

Kaltura MediaGo OTT Video Portal

Kaltura OTT TV includes four core modules:

Kaltura MediaPrep

Customers can easily prepare and edit their content using the Kaltura Workflow Manager and Transcoding module. The video files can be encrypted for a multi-DRM solution, which guarantees a seamless cross-device user experience without compromising content security.

Kaltura MediaHub

This management layer provides comprehensive tools for content, packaging, business rules, campaigns, devices, geo-services, multi-tenants, multi-DRM, subscribers and analytics.

Kaltura MediaStore

The MediaStore enhances cross-device experiences. It offers intuitive, user specific, content discovery, as well as social interaction and personal notifications to promote user engagement. By lowering the access barriers and utilizing up to date intelligence on each user's favorite content, viewing habits and payment preferences, MediaStore effectively turns visitors into viewers and subscribers/content buyers. MediaStore enables Kaltura's customers to create an engaging, user oriented TV experience across internet connected devices.

Kaltura MediaGo

Market-leading set of end user applications for connected devices such as iOS, Android, web and TVs. The different device applications are designed to unlock Kaltura’s full offering, while offering customized experiences for different screens, capabilities and use-cases, and enabling a consistent cross-device experience.