BrightSpace Video Extension

What is the Desire2Learn Video Extension?

An integration of Kaltura’s video tools into the Desire2Learn learning management system. Our out-of-the-box extension enables you to upload, publish and share video directly from your Desire2Learn environment. This translates into time and money saved for your organization, and ease of use for students and faculty. 

Video Platform - DEsire2Learn Video Extension


Why use it?

Save time and money - Streamline video management - students and faculty are no longer dependent on a central media team to upload and manage videos in the LMS.

Improve engagement, creativity, sense of community, and learning results - Enable students and faculty to record, upload, publish and share video directly from Desire2Learn

Ensure top quality media delivery and protect LMS performance - With Kaltura's tier 1 hosting, and CDN, give students a high quality viewing experience and prevent your LMS from stalling under the weight of video files.

Features and Benefits

Best-of-breed technology - leverage Kaltura’s market-leading video platform, in use by America’s leading schools, integrated into your Desire2Learn LMS.

User friendly media management within Desire2Learn – allow users to search, browse, manage, share and play media, based on user permissions.

Content Organization

  • My Media – Upload, manage, assign, and share content (based on permissions) with a private media library for each D2L user.
  • Course Gallery – Search or view rich media assigned to a course if you’re a member. Media can be added by instructors or students, with student contributions moderated (or turned off) by instructors.
  • Insert Stuff Integration - Intuitively use rich media without time-consuming training, simply click on the “my media” link from within “insert stuff”

Authoring Tools

  • Screen Recording – Easily record the screen, along with audio and webcam feeds, to create and publish screencasts. Instructors and students can record and share lectures, presentations, software tutorials, and much more.
  • Create Webcam Videos  - Welcome messages, introductions, assignment instructions, simple demonstrations
  • Easy Video Uploading – Upload media using a simple interface with “My Media” or with the “Insert Stuff” workflow. Use the same process to initiate a webcam or a screen recording. 

Optimal Playback Experience – with our adaptive bitrate technology.

View on any device – enjoy an optimal playback experience on all mobile devices – including iPhones, iPads, Android, and Blackberry devices – with automatic device detection and Flash-HTML5 fallback.

Responsive Design - Automatically adjusts site layout to the screen size and device

Configurable player branding and features

Captions - Upload multi-lingual captions to reach international, multi-lingual, and hearing-impaired audiences while also enabling in-video search within the captions.

Search - Quickly find videos based on metadata (name, description, tags, categories)

In-video Search – Upload captions and then search for every spoken word. Search results allow skipping directly to the relevant part in the video. In-video search is available within an entry or across videos in the course gallery/my media gallery

Accessibility - Supports playback with ADA/508 compliant player

Comments - Boost online conversations and user engagement by allowing users to comment on videos.

Media Administration - View which entries belong to which courses, assign entries to courses, or perform bulk uploads using the Kaltura Management Console (KMC). Administrators can also view course-specific, user-level engagement analytics.