Video Player and Playback Experiences

Selecting a Video Player in Today’s Digital World | 10 Questions to Ask When Choosing a Video Player

Video players are your first point of contact with your audience, so delivering the best possible experience is key. Our players are light-weight and fast, and delivery is seamless - no matter which device your viewers are using. Get going in five minutes with built-in player templates, or head on to the Studio to customize your player’s unique look and functionality.

To explore player demos, configuration options and tools visit the Kaltura Player Toolkit for developers.

Kaltura Video Player

Best in Class Player Performance

Get the industry’s fastest player. Our advanced resource loader and auto embed code guarantees fast player rendering even on the busiest sites. Learn more

Built-in Player TemplatesVideo Platform - Video Player Design

Easily create cross browser/cross device players from a variety of great looking, light-weight video player templates. See examples 

Player Design & Configuration

Customize video players and playlists to match your website’s look-and-feel and configure player features and settings. Control player size, color, fonts and branding. Add or remove buttons, enable subtitles, sharing and more.




Studio Area Adjustable Elements and Functionality
Look and Feel Player logo
Quality selector
Info screen
Share and embed options
Related videos
Playlist configuration
Download Button
Analytics Akamai Media Analytics
Google Analytics
General player statistics
Monetization Bumper
Generic VAST
Skip and overlay options
Native callout



Video Platform - Multiple Devices



Multi-Device Support 

Provide a seamless viewer experience across all devices. Kaltura’s universal player technology automatically delivers the right player, stream, and advertising to any device: mobile, web, Google Chrome, Amazon Fire.




Video Platform - 508 Compliant Player


Accessibility - 508 Compliant Player

Incorporate a video player that complies with Section 508 of the Federal Rehabilitation Act for accessibility.








Player Plugins: The Kaltura Exchange


Get even more out of your players with scores of add-on applications, all available on the Kaltura Application Exchange.

Video Platform - Kaltura Application Exchange