Video Monetization

If growing your revenue is high on your list, our monetization features will get you there fast.

Kaltura’s monetization features set you up for success – from increasing the number of viewers, to a comprehensive set of advertising tools, pay-per–view, subscription models, and built-in reports that let you optimize your strategy based on viewer behavior.

Advertising & Ad NetworksVideo Platform Advertising

Target viewers with ads on live videos or VOD, and across multiple devices such as mobile, PC and set-top-box.  With support for a wide range of video ad formats (including all major IAB standards), and integrated plugins for video ad networks, such as Google DoubleClick DART, FreeWheel, Ad Tech, Eye Wonder, AdapTV, Tremor Video and others, managing your monetization plan couldn’t get easier.

VAST and VPAID Support

We support any ad server that complies with Internet Advertising Bureau (IAB) standards such as VAST and VPAID.

Video Platform - Vast Support




Player Branding

Players can be designed and skinned to match any brand – use it for your own brand or for advertisers on your site.


Video Platform - Pay-per-view


Enable paid programming with video preview, and easy, on-the-fly payment options for full video access.



Open and Extensible Monetization Plugins

Kaltura’s player framework and SDK allow you to easily integrate to any ad server, paywall or subscription management system. You can configure any player to load ads from a server, or paywall through the Kaltura Management Console.

Increase Viewers and Views


Maximize your content’s exposure on search engines with best-practice video SEO. Create a dynamic video site map, and Kaltura will take care of its distribution to search engines.

Content Discovery & Related Content

Promote additional discovery of content using our related video widget and algorithm.

Deep Search

Help viewers find more content with deep search of video subtitles, captions and transcripts.

Syndication & Distribution

Direct more traffic to your site by creating video feeds and submitting them to third-party platforms such as Google, Yahoo!, and iTunes.

You can also take advantage of our Distribution Module to distribute content to your channels on partner sites like YouTube, Hulu, and DailyMotion. Content is distributed along with thumbnails, metadata, ad break cue points and more. Learn more.


Monitor your monetization efforts with in-depth analytics, and optimize your plan based on real user behavior and content performance. Learn more.